We strive to keep our catalogue diverse and fresh, so it is important that we can continue to offer a varied range of products. This means that we always try to prevent exact duplication of products where we are aware of it. We operate a first come, first served basis for all of our bookings.

Premium Lead Page

Feature up to five of your best products which are guaranteed to be on the first right hand page in each category. The right hand page will ensure you get maximum impact for your products as when two pages of a magazine are open, the eye naturally travels toward the right side of the page. These spaces are limited to one per category and are highly desirable so you will need to book early to secure your place.

Supplier Feature Page

We understand the appeal of presenting your products together in unison so with the supplier feature option you can do exactly that – we can guarantee up to five products (6 for pens) appear together on one page. There are a limited amount of feature pages per category so you will need to act fast to secure your spot. Feature pages will be placed throughout the category.

Group Shot

If you have several variations of the same product you may be interested in our group shot option which allows you to present up to four products/prices over half a page. This is a great option for products that are available in different sizes, colours and shapes.

Product Space

Space can be purchased by product. We will place your products to showcase them in the best possible way. The more you book the better the rate.