Going beyond print alone, Spectrum provides an immense digital platform such as inclusion on the industry’s most comprehensive product sourcing portal for outstanding exposure, not to mention the crucial online presence of your products on literally hundreds of end user websites.

One of the most significant benefits of the Spectrum catalogue compared to digital alternatives is that it gives the opportunity of higher frequency viewing. Unlike digital media, it can be viewed time and time again leaving a lasting impression.

Our catalogue is designed to target specific customers getting your product seen by the people that matter. Our credibility as the industry leader makes us a trusted source that increases distributor loyalty year upon year, holds attention and ultimately encourages action which generates sales.

Over 70,000 copies will be printed for 2020

Inclusion in spectrum guarantees your share of £100 million in sales

Available from early January, over 70,000 copies of the 2020 catalogue will be printed. All products featured in the catalogue will also feature on over 1,000 distributor websites and on the industry’s leading product sourcing portal, which has around 6,000 users.